Simple Effective Autoretweeting

Retweeting can be more effective in getting you noticed and gaining high-quality followers. This “digital” pat on the back can be an effective tool to position you as one of the valuable members of the community you are trying to gain entry into.

  • User Generated Content

    User Generated Content

    You are sharing twitter user generated content instead of feeding blind low-value RSS feeds to your followers

  • Reduce Noise

    Reduce Noise

    Reduces noise-level and makes your messages more impactful. Let this tool be one of many ways you communicate with your followers

  • Painfree Engagement

    Painfree Engagement

    Automated and configurable – set keywords, time of days to monitor and resend retweets and any exclusions, e.g. users or keywords you’d like to ignore

  • Build Credibility

    Build Credibility

    Helps you establish as a value adding member of the community

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  • Automated Retweeting

    Automated Retweeting

    Monitors up to five keywords per twitter account and retweets up to a certain number of times a day when a tweet matches your retweet requirements

  • Web Based Service

    Web Based Service

    Fully web based service allows the monitoring to happen continuously without requiring you to run a software tool on your computer or be logged into twitter or any other tool

  • ReTweets are valuable content

    ReTweets are valuable content

    Retweets are considered valuable by twitter users, it helps connect you and your potential followers on common interests. Retweets are significantly higher quality than RSS feeds